Tuesday, February 28, 2012


That is not juice.  That is his water bottle that he was filling up with his valentines.  It was a box I created with some valentine-like things (more like sensory type things).  Sticks, pom-poms, heart erasers, stickers, pipe cleaners.

DIY apothecaries.....tutorial at the bottom of this page
My ottoman that I reupholstered.  This is the old look....
New look.

My Riley bug.  Isn't he cute??  he is so sweet!!  He's doing great; right on target.

Thrift store finds.  I painted the mirrow and the box....and the frame was made by my husband and I made the monogram with scrapbook paper.  I like it!  I have another craft idea going into that box there. 
This dude is so hard to entertain.  I created some "busy" boxes and came across the idea on Pinterest (sorry don't remember who it was) to let them put things into a bottle full of water.  Well, he LOVED this.  He did this for an hour straight.   Poor guy is just getting over the stomach virus too.  His first.  :(.  He's all better now. 

The apothecaries on my mantel.  I love them so much.  I am going to put decorations in them at some point.  I was thinking straw and some robin's eggs or something or even decorate them for whatever holiday it is?

Viktor's silhoutte.  I love this.  This was super easy........all I did was take a side profile picture, print it out on regular paper in B&W, trace it out with a pencil just to get a clearer eye on where to cut and with black construction paper taped to the back, cut it out and then I scanned it into my pritner and printed it out on cardstock.  I loved it.  It was his valentine for his daddy.  On the back is Riley's handprint.
The apothecary jars came from this tutorial:  http://madebystephie.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-originally-found-this-project-at.html  Love them!!  I am making two more for upstairs bathroom in purple!!    The foot stool I reupholstered from the green to the beige design fabric.  The green was all dirty and yucky, and I just hated it.  Even though  my mom doesn't like it as much as the green but I don't care.  I like it.   I took these pictures with my point and shoot.  That's why are are horrible.  I thought it would be easier since the pics would be smaller, but not true.  K.  Goodnight.

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