Tuesday, February 28, 2012


That is not juice.  That is his water bottle that he was filling up with his valentines.  It was a box I created with some valentine-like things (more like sensory type things).  Sticks, pom-poms, heart erasers, stickers, pipe cleaners.

DIY apothecaries.....tutorial at the bottom of this page
My ottoman that I reupholstered.  This is the old look....
New look.

My Riley bug.  Isn't he cute??  he is so sweet!!  He's doing great; right on target.

Thrift store finds.  I painted the mirrow and the box....and the frame was made by my husband and I made the monogram with scrapbook paper.  I like it!  I have another craft idea going into that box there. 
This dude is so hard to entertain.  I created some "busy" boxes and came across the idea on Pinterest (sorry don't remember who it was) to let them put things into a bottle full of water.  Well, he LOVED this.  He did this for an hour straight.   Poor guy is just getting over the stomach virus too.  His first.  :(.  He's all better now. 

The apothecaries on my mantel.  I love them so much.  I am going to put decorations in them at some point.  I was thinking straw and some robin's eggs or something or even decorate them for whatever holiday it is?

Viktor's silhoutte.  I love this.  This was super easy........all I did was take a side profile picture, print it out on regular paper in B&W, trace it out with a pencil just to get a clearer eye on where to cut and with black construction paper taped to the back, cut it out and then I scanned it into my pritner and printed it out on cardstock.  I loved it.  It was his valentine for his daddy.  On the back is Riley's handprint.
The apothecary jars came from this tutorial:  http://madebystephie.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-originally-found-this-project-at.html  Love them!!  I am making two more for upstairs bathroom in purple!!    The foot stool I reupholstered from the green to the beige design fabric.  The green was all dirty and yucky, and I just hated it.  Even though  my mom doesn't like it as much as the green but I don't care.  I like it.   I took these pictures with my point and shoot.  That's why are are horrible.  I thought it would be easier since the pics would be smaller, but not true.  K.  Goodnight.


I am such a bad blogger nowadays.  I hate that.  I wish I had more time sometimes; but then again....when I had all the time in the world all I wanted was babies!!  I do love my little ones, but man am I busy. Here's a reversible quilt I made for my neice.  I didn't use a pattern; just the one in my head.  I was very pleased with the way it came out.

Thrift store find.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

removing glue from jars

How to remove labels and glue off of everyday jars: 
  • Take a taller type container than your jar and place your jar inside container.  Fill jar inside of container halfway with water then fill container to cover label and glud with hot water. 
  • Add oil....any kind.  Just pour it in...however much.  I use olive oil.
  • Let that soak overnight or a few hours.
  • scrub with a brillo pad.  All that goo should come right off.  Then wash jar in some really good degreaser like vinegar or in the dishwasher.
  • Now your jar is ready to decorate.  Stick around to see what I'm gonna do with this one.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A different look?

I think I like this a lot better!!  I took a tall shot glass and wrapped it in white yarn.  It kind of looks like a bouquet.  Pretty.  I'm taking V to the doctor this afternoon.  He just isn't acting himself lately.  I don't know what his going on with him.  Ear infection maybe?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little smidge of this and that

First of all, thank you for following my new blog.  I started a new one for personal reasons, i.e. privacy. 

Really quick because right now Riley is sleeping and Viktor is talking in his crib.  He only gets his pacifiers when he is in his crib, so now he points to the stairs and acts sleepy so that I will bring him upstairs and put him in his crib.  He spends about twenty minutes sucking on his pacifiers and then decides he has had enough and then cries to get out.  I like to call it "Getting his fix" lol..........

I wanted to show you a craft I made from pinterest.   Well I made a few and will be posting pictures, pros and cons, and my unprofessional opinion.    This tutorial was found here.....  I loved this tutorial.  I am in love with these awesome, cool looking flowers.  And I love them in this vase.  I did exactly what she said to.  This vase is antique and has meaning to me.   My deceased grandfather bought it for my grandmother when they were younger.   I definitely recommend this tutorial if you like the flowers. 

Now that I wrote all that without any kids screaming in my earhole or slamming my laptop down  any sweet interruptions...I think I might get away with an actual post. 

Viktor and Riley are doing good.  Viktor will be 21 months and Riley will be 4 months.  Can you believe it?  And I will be 35 months years old in March *gulp*.  I think Viktor has lost weight.  He is no longer on formula or the bottle, which the only reason he was on it was because this kid refuses to drink milk or anything besides water.  So, I think he dropped a half pound to a pound.  His doctor is not going to be happy about that.  Riley has gained all that and then some.  He is huge.  That kid is wearing 6 to 9 months already.  He is going to surpass Viktor's weight in no time.  Last time I checked he was 15+ pounds.  Viktor is only 21 pounds.

Riley went to the cardiologist a few weeks ago.  He was born with a PDA and an ASD which is common in Down syndrome.  His PDA closed and his ASD is still at a 3.  But, the doctor is hopeful that it will close on its own without surgery.

I have lost over 40 pounds since Riley was born.  WOOT.  Since dieting I have dropped 21 pounds.  I want to drop 15 more and then I will be skinny minny again.  That thought gets me through days like these when I am starving.

Oh, my husband got a vasectomy.  More more babies for us.  We are happy with our 3 boys.