Friday, March 9, 2012

Anthropology knock off


My own creation

My very own knock off.  I saw these spice jars from Anthropology and LOVED them.     

  1. First I spray painted a few old gravy jars (first get all of the glue and crap off (also have a tutorial for that))  
  2. Then I painted the lids with just acrylic paint because that is what I had.  Then I printed out some old vintage labels from Pinterest and modge podged them on as well as coating the whole lid.
  3. Then I held a template taut over the jar and stenciled in with chalk board paint.    Of course since it isn't flat it isn't going to be perfect....but who cares right?  I spent about 3 dollars for the spray paint and the rest I already had.  The jars from Anthropology are 10 a piece.  So pretty good deal huh?  I am going to make some mini ones too.  Also these would work with regular old labels too instead of chalkboard paint.  Just glue those suckers on. 

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